Weekly News Update: June 3

Aho getting a cuddle.
Aho getting a cuddle.

Puppy Love

About a month ago, this adorable blonde puppy appeared out of the desert. He was straggly and dehydrated and in shock. Connie took him in, treated his ear mites, gave him a bath, and fed him. He adjusted quickly, and started following Amethyst and Ashtar around. Once he adopted them, they had little choice but to adopt him! Aho (pronounced like ‘ajo’) is a lovely addition to the community. And Maisy loves having a playmate!

Humanure Bins

Our first two bins have been completed! They’re made out of recycled wood pallets. Thank you to Chris for designing and constructing them. Hooray for composting toilets – no water waste!







Shade & Water

With summer fully set in, shade and water have become a priority. We have a small fountain pool set up, a couple patio structures near completion, a donated pool on its way, and a vision of a misting system for the Hearth. In fact, shade and water will be the theme for this month’s Second Sunday Brunch! Thank you to Rocky for your hard work and dedication in this area.

Summer Season Shifts

The garlic is all cured and stored, so the garden is almost completely empty. Manure and compost are being distributed, and we have a few lettuce seeds to harvest. Amethyst is moving her many starters and seedlings from the bus (where they were taking over!) to a hoop house at TerraSante.

Henry O'Carricot
Henry O’Carricot

Farmer’s Market

We’ve had our first foray into the world of the farmer’s market. So far, we’ve only been attending the Santa Cruz River Market at Mercado San Agustin and run by Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. The first week, we sold garlic and apricots. Thanks to a neighboring vendor, our mascot Henry O’Carricot was born. For our second week, we sold mesquite cookies. This week, we will be selling mesquite cookies, some swiss chard, and possibly a few other plants.

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