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Weekly News Update: June 19

Hello folks! Here’s some updates on the latest goings-on at Harmony & Health Foundation.   STAYING COOL We extend a thanks to Wind Spirit Community and Don, who donated a spare pool to us. We’ll be picking a spot, setting it up, and enjoying it over the next couple weeks.

Weekly News Update: June 3

Puppy Love About a month ago, this adorable blonde puppy appeared out of the desert. He was straggly and dehydrated and in shock. Connie took him in, treated his ear mites, gave him a bath, and fed him. He adjusted quickly, and started following Amethyst and Ashtar around. Once heRead More…

Weekly News Update: May 6

We harvested the bulk of the garlic garden as a community a week ago. A cool, cloudy morning and a strong breeze kept us comfortable. It was a full day project, with nine of us working to dig up, clean off, bundle, and string up hundreds and hundreds of garlic bulbs.

Weekly News Update: April 23

Happy Earth Day everyone! I know I’m a day late but go with me on this one. After all, every day is technically Earth Day. Unless you’re an astronaut. Riparian Bosque Nature Trail Established On the back 40 acres of Harmony and Health land, there is a large wash. ItRead More…

Holiday Season News Round-Up

Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health.

Weekly News Round-up: December 3 – 10

Week of December 3 – 10 Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health. PEST CONTROL The winter vegetables are coming along well. The onions, parsnips, beets, radishes, turnips, kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and carrots have all sprouted. We’re just waiting on the parsley. The fence aroundRead More…

Weekly News Round-up: November 12-19

As a reminder to the public, Harmony and Health extends a standing invitation for visitors on Tuesdays. Tuesdays are community work day and in the evening we enjoy a sweat in the Harmonic Chapel followed by a casual community potluck. All are welcome, but please email us ahead of time: harmonynhealthtoday@gmail.com.Read More…

Weekly News Round-up: October 30-November 5

Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health. ALGAE ASPIRATIONS Plans are moving forward for algae cultivation here on the land at Harmony and Health. Algae, depending on the strain that is grown, can be used for fuel, plastics, food, agriculture, or medicine. A site has beenRead More…

Weekly News Roundup: October 22-29

Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health.

How about eating Healthy for $36 a week?

I was browsing the web recently looking for nutrition and healthy eating tips and ran across this article. At the Terrasante Community we grown much of our own food and share it. We share the labor to grow it, get together as a community to harvest it, and we weRead More…

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