Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Melody Beattie

A yoga class during the Bhakti Festival.

A yoga class during the Bhakti Celebration.


The Bhakti Celebration is an annual event held at the Bhakti Garden every spring equinox. It is a gathering to celebrate life, friendship, music, and the divine. There are workshops, yoga classes, drumming circles, chanting, dancing, singing, live bands, impromptu jam sessions, costumes, delicious food, bonfires, and more. It is a wonderful opportunity to relax, learn, and mingle. Like our page on Facebook to stay updated:

Backstage Preparations

Backstage Preparations

Amador Maze

Amador Maze


Desert Sky – Music, Art, and Sustainability Festival is a 3-day festival experience in the heart of the Sonoran Desert to be held October 2nd-4th, 2015. Desert Sky harnesses the synergy of music and art to bring people together to learn about sustainable practices for southwestern desert living with the greater goals of promoting community, conservation, health, and an appreciation of our natural world.  The Festival will take place at the beautiful and serene Eco-Village of our non-profit partner, Harmony & Health Foundation, 20 minutes west of downtown Tucson.


Jamming near the fire circle at a Second Sunday Brunch.


The Second Sunday Brunch is held at the Bhakti Garden on the second Sunday of every month (barring scheduling conflicts.) The brunch starts at 11 am, and continues until the last person leaves. Harmony and Health provides food and drink, although attendees often bring their own potluck contributions. The brunch can include kirtan in the Harmonic Chapel, a sacred fire circle, toning and healing, arts and crafts, music, nature hikes, and many other activities. Each month’s brunch is typically organized around a theme or specific activity. Like our Facebook page to receive reminders of our Brunches:

A row of happy garlic plants.

A row of happy garlic plants with Dennis.


We have a Harmony Garden that is split between cultivating vegetables and growing garlic. Currently, we are harvesting and drying garlic, as well as enjoying the last of the winter garden. An area for a food forest has been established, and we are in the early stages of nurturing fruit trees, herbs, and berries. We look to expand our gardening capacity over the next years in order to nourish our community with fresh, organic produce.





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