We aspire to have a self-sustaining community that exists in harmony with our natural environment, which would be an example for others to follow in changing current harmful patterns of consumption and waste. We work to accomplish this vision through alternative technologies, cottage industries, perma-culture, community outreach, education, and the protection of native flora and fauna.

We also provide space and opportunities for spiritual exploration, personal healing and growth, and fellowship with friends.

Harmony and Health Foundation
13554 W Sacred Earth Pl, Tucson, Arizona 85735

Email to schedule a visit

Things to know before you visit:

Harmony and Health invites people for brief to extended visits.  Please contact us before you visit.

For any visits please be clear about what you hope to learn/contribute, and for how long you wish to visit.

Those who participate are expected to support our mission and ongoing projects at Harmony and Health.

Visitors are responsible for their own safety, and for any children and pets.  All must sign a release form if working or staying for more than a short time, and abide by our neighborhood agreement.

Courtesy and respect in all relations here.  Quiet hours 10 pm to 8 am.  Drug-free is our policy.  No smoking in or around community buildings.  Pets may not roam, and must be attended at all times.  No guns at H&H.  People are expected to clean up after themselves, and then some.

Sacred Earth Community

Harmony and Health Foundation is one of the key players in the development of the Sacred Earth Neighborhood. We share this property with TerraSante Village (a sustainable ecovillage), Kokopelli Gardens, Dharma Vista, Sunflower Superfoods and Toadal Luminosity.

Harmony & Health is happy to offer the use of the Harmonic Chapel and Sauna, the Harmony Garden, the Yoga Dome, Native American Tipi, and other facilities for programs and events.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tuesday from 10am to 4pm
with Ray Clamons and Natural Building Works
We will be doing the bhakti Bathhouse building
Includes plant based lunch
Volunteers welcomed – a great learning opportunity!

Email us