Weekly News Round-up: October 30-November 5

Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health.


Plans are moving forward for algae cultivation here on the land at Harmony and Health. Algae, depending on the strain that is grown, can be used for fuel, plastics, food, agriculture, or medicine. A site has been chosen and a prototype production model is in the works.


A third row of garlic has been planted, and we’re waiting on the leaves to peek through the soil. They should be visible in the next day or two. The other rows of garlic continue to do well. We will be planting one more row of garlic, for a total of 32 beds of garlic.


The final two rows of this garden will be tilled and fertilized over the next week or two. We hope to plant a variety of winter vegetables in these rows. Cheers to next spring’s harvest!


We are adding a compost pile just outside of the garden. It will serve to provide nutrients for both garden produce and our future vermiculture project.

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