Weekly News Round-up: December 3 – 10

Week of December 3 – 10

Here are updates on the most current projects at Harmony & Health.


The winter vegetables are coming along well. The onions, parsnips, beets, radishes, turnips, kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, and carrots have all sprouted. We’re just waiting on the parsley. The fence around the entire garden protects the area from javelina, but not from smaller pests like packrats, rabbits, or ground squirrels. So we’re putting up garden fence to protect the winter vegetables. We’ll also be covering them with hoops and fabric to deter birds and insects.

Hoops going up.
Hoops going up.
Sprouts! Beautiful sprouts!
Sprouts! Beautiful sprouts!


Harmony and Health Foundation is partnering with Terra Sante Village to put on a Winter Solstice Brunch and Celebration. It will be hosted on Sunday, December 21st at our Bhakti Garden, right next door to Terra Sante. There will be a kirtan celebration in the Harmonic Chapel from 11 am to noon, waffles and goodies to eat from noon until 1:00, and an outdoor fire with ascension circle at 1:30. Undoubtedly there will be singing and drumming and good conversation as well. Come celebrate the shortest day of the year with us! (For directions, please refer to our ‘Visit’ page.)


On December 6th, some of us attended Baba Marimba’s concert at Monterrey Court. While there, we took the opportunity to give away garlic as well as information about our Winter Solstice event. We also danced a lot and spent time with good friends!

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