Greetings from the Director

Namaste and Welcome to Harmony and Health Foundation!

“Namaste” means “the divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.” By offering this gesture or welcome, we acknowledge the “Divine Spark” or “Divine Light” within each of us. Each time we start with this greeting, we lift up our communication and our endeavor, closer to the goal of the divine.

We’re happy to continue offering this welcome to you, your organization, or your personal passion project at our land in the Sacred Earth Neighborhood, where Harmony and Health Foundation, TerraSante Community, and Kokopelli Gardens reside.

We have a variety of venues and infrastructure to offer for your use. Please check out our Resources page. If you’re more interested in spending a day or weekend with us, read about us on our Community page.

In this time of accelerated personal evolution and environmental and social changes, we are happy to offer a place in nature that brings us back to our origins, our sense of community, and our true selves. For any questions or inquiries, feel free to call: 520-400-4489.


– Tom Mendola, Director

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One thought on “Greetings from the Director”

  1. Hello Tom!

    Thank you for bowing to the Divine Light and committing to work with Desert Dream LLC and its partners for the next several years to host the Desert Sky Music Arts & Sustainability Festival on Harmony and Health Foundation land just outside of Tucson, our home city. The new Ranch is a wonderful concept and has an emmense amount of potential. We look forward to what the future brings.

    Desert Dream LLC
    Co-Founders of Desert Sky Music Arts & Sustainability Festival

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