Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth. ~Muhammad Ali

As a reminder to the public, Harmony and Health extends a standing invitation for visitors on Tuesdays. Tuesday is community work day and in the evening we enjoy a sweat in the Harmonic Chapel followed by a casual community potluck. We also have a women’s sweat on Friday evenings at sunset. (Women’s sweats are NOT held during the summer.) All are welcome, but please email us ahead of time:

Thirty Minutes From Tucson, AZ


Go west on Ajo Way (AZ Highway 86). About 2 miles past Sandario Road, and 1/4 mile beyond milepost 155, Turn right onto Herman’s Road. Go 1/4 mile and curve right onto S. Avra Road. Continue north on S. Avra Road about 2/3 mile. Turn left through the gate onto W. Sacred Earth Place. Continue straight. Look on the right for the Harmony & Health Foundation sign on a large archway bordered by arundo (it looks just like bamboo!)



If you are interested in a short-term stay of only a few days or weeks, you are welcome to help with current and ongoing projects. As of July 1st 2015, we could use help with general maintenance on the land, watering plants, putting up a new clothesline, finding materials on Craigslist, and building geodesic domes.


If you are interested in a long-term stay of several weeks or months, we need project managers and people with initiative. We are looking for people interested in establishing a rainwater harvesting system, building solar ovens, pursuing vermiculture, raising chickens, and observing and documenting native plants. But most of all, we are in search of a recreation director and a full-time gardener.

Recreation Director: an outdoors person interested in rustic living, developing camping facilities, acting as host to campers, and general groundskeeping.

Full-time Gardener and Food Forest Manager: an outdoors person interested in rustic living, gardening, growing food, and trying adapting various permaculture methods for use in the Sonoran Desert environment.


There are numerous ways University of Arizona students (or students at other learning institutions) could earn credit or even gather research for a Master’s degree by becoming involved with our community, whether that’s environmental engineering, environmental conservation, or an anthropological study of an intentional community. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have an idea of linking your studies with us.


For accommodations, there is plenty of camping space available, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities nearby. There is also a guest bus. We are currently working on adding to our accommodation facilities, and plan to offer geo-tents and RVs to visitors.


Even Maisy helps: she's the co-pilot of the golf cart as well as garden supervisor! And she never misses an event.
Even Maisy helps: she’s the co-pilot of the golf cart as well as garden supervisor! And she never misses an event.

We welcome people who are:

Compassionate, inquisitive, energetic, motivated, open-minded, kind, generous

We would rather NOT welcome people who are:

Judgmental, egocentric, narrow-minded

Please contact us at If you are interested in more than a one day visit, we ask that you include why you are interested in visiting our community, as well as two references (one personal, one professional.)

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